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Charlene Antrim


Charlene Antrim holds the title of Controller for Cape & Islands Engineering.  She is responsible for overseeing the firm’s client relations and corporate finance activities, facilitating production goals and managing deliverables.  Charlene handles a wide range of duties as she assists in leading project development while working with all team members in the firm’s mission to deliver clients the best service experience in the industry.

Charlene has been with Cape & Islands since it was originally founded in 1986 and has nearly three decades of experience providing exceptional service as part of a land surveying and engineering firm.  Charlene possesses a comprehensive high-level understanding for all the various aspects of providing engineering and land surveying services directly to consumers within the Cape Cod region.  

Charlene is exceptionally talented at maintaining client relations, performing detailed title research and navigating the nuances of local regulations.  Charlene’s high capacity for productivity and team coordination, together with her in-depth experience, the ability to understand all the phases of a project and accurately allocate resources while simultaneously managing client accounts make her an industry leader.