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Jean Duff-Still

Director of Permitting

Jean Duff-Still  is the Director of Permitting for Cape & Islands Engineering.  She is responsible for overseeing the firm’s environmental permitting services program.  Jean leads the firm in our mission to streamline and simplify the permitting process for property owners.  Jean’s compassion and comprehensive knowledge base make her an exceptional client advocate who tirelessly stands guard of her clients' rights and takes action to protect their interests. 

With over 25 years in the industry, Jean has experience in both the regulator and private sectors.  Jean has a long and successful career starting with working for municipal regulatory agencies before she moved to the private sector to leverage her deep understanding of the nuances with various environmental permitting processes along with an expansive network of established relationships. 

Jean has an exceptional talent for paying attention to detail and interfacing between clients and regulators to provide the best possible experience and outstanding results.  Jean’s ability to motivate others with care, quickly grasp detail oriented processes and build and maintain long-standing relationships based on trust make her a leader in her field.  Jean’s specialties include coordinating efforts for navigating the complex regulatory framework for local, state and federal environmental permitting projects. Her unique skill set and dedication provide valuable advantages to our clients.