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Matt Costa is the President of Cape & Islands Engineering.  He is responsible for all aspects of the firm's strategy, team and operations.  Matt leads the firm in its mission to deliver superior client results.

Director of Engineering

Raúl Lizardi-Rivera is the Director of Engineering for Cape & Islands Engineering.  He is responsible for overseeing the firm’s engineering services program and fulfilling our mission to deliver clients high value engineering services, creative solutions and an outstanding customer experience.


Charlene Antrim holds the title of Controller for Cape & Islands Engineering.  She is responsible for overseeing the Firm’s Client relations, corporate finance activities, assisting in facilitating production goals and managing deliverables to deliver Clients the best service experience in the industry.

Director of CAD Services

John Beckwith is the Director of CAD Services for Cape & Islands Engineering.  He is responsible for the backbone of production being all aspects of the firm's CAD technology and production strategy, maintaining company wide standards and overseeing the continual development of operational workflows.  

Director of Permitting

Jean Duff-Still  is the Director of Permitting for Cape & Islands Engineering.  She is responsible for overseeing the firm’s environmental permitting services program.  Jean's mission is to streamline and simplify the permitting process for property owners while being an exceptional client advocate.

Director of Field Services

Ian Lunn is the Director of Field Services for Cape & Islands Engineering.  He is responsible for all aspects of the firm's land surveying field technology development and production strategy, survey standards, operational protocols and workflows, and overseeing field services personnel.  

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Cape & Islands Engineering is always looking for talented people to help expand our team as we advance in our field.  We believe that we offer the ideal balance for success with our 'people first' approach to work and our innovative environment tailored to what we need to excel and grow as individuals as well as an organization.

We look for a specific mindset and attitude in our employees.  All Cape & Islands Engineering team members believe that every project is part of our legacy and that it is our team that makes us legendary.  We aim to expedite and improve individual projects as well as enhance the communities we live and work in.

Our team approaches each project as if it were their own property.   We excel at adopting the mindset of the property owner.  This advantage allows us to assist property owners and stakeholders in bringing their projects to life while increasing the value of their property in a way that benefits their interests and helps make their ideal outcome a reality. 

We take the time to build positive relationships with all stakeholders in the permitting process to ensure the best possible results.  We are a group of innovative thinkers who provide solutions specifically suited to the client in a collaborative environment where everyone is working towards these goals as a team.    

All the Cape & Islands Engineering team members have the following key traits:


  • The desire to learn; to improve their knowledge and skills as they strive to be an all around better person.​

  • An instinct to protect; someone who has a good heart, is compassionate and cares about others, who takes pride in their work and take responsibilities seriously. 

  • Enjoys life;  is happy and enjoys working with others in a friendly collaborative environment where individuals help each other grow.

  • Has exceptional work ethic; pays attention to detail and focus on task at hand. Adapts to situations and overcome obstacles to get the job done.  A person who finds solutions and not excuses.

  • Has exceptional talent in a particular area of interest; someone who is a expert in a particular engineering / surveying / permitting related focus, who can use those talents to improve production.  We are always looking for exceptional talent in software and survey technology areas. 

  • Is capable of high efficiency production; the end result of the using the best tools, expanding a knowledge based and building operating methods is to produce quickly and efficiently while maintaining quality.   

We believe that we offer an ideal work environment and improved quality of life, top rates in the industry, a generous bonus program, expansive paid holidays, continuing education, flexibility and freedom.  At Cape and Islands we enjoy working with great people and doing a superb job.    Contact us if you think you are a good fit for our culture and would like to learn more about joining our team.